Rachael Sait

Rachael Sait is a fun loving, caring 33 year old woman based on the Sunshine Coast.

She has been expressing herself through art, story writing and music since she was a little girl. These passions have filled her life with purpose and happiness.

She has endured some incredible hardships both physically and mentally since her car accident at 6 years old. She survived against all odds and after 3 months in a coma, she began her slow road to recovery. Unfortunately Rachael suffered with a significant brain injury but this hasn’t stopped her from accomplishing numerous goals.

She lives independently in her own home with the support of her family and carers and spends most of her days creating art, poems, songs and stories. Rachaels art is bold, bright and inspired by her love of family, friends and animals.

Welcome to The World of Rachael Sait…


In The Rainforest

Rachael’s lyrical prowess is on show here in one of her more whimsical contributions to Honeybee Creative’s 2020 original music and album project.

Her truthful, unique and beautiful voice is heard in many places on “Harmony” and she provided the artwork for the CD cover.

In the rainforest
There’s animals that are tall
and there’s animals that are small
In the rainforest

Some might be heavy
And some might be light
While others like the sunlight
In the rainforest

Where monkeys sway from the trees
On hot days they only like to swing in the breeze
In the rainforest

The giraffe in the winter they like wearing gloves
And a scarf (In the rainforest)
The owls in the rainforest when they have nothing to do
They just hoot….

In the rainforest
There’s animals that are tall
and there’s animals that are small

In the rainforest
Now there’s a pig and when he goes to a party
He wears a wig
In the rainforest
In the rainforest there’s a lake
The animals walk to the lake
They don’t wanna make a mistake!

from Harmony, released October 20, 2020

Hearts And Flowers

Mermaids And Unicorns


This slideshow of Rachael’s artwork was developed for Honeybee Creative’s End Of “What A Year” Show 2020

Edited by Victoria Brown. Music by Stephan Beattie (Taken from HBC’s 2020 “Harmony” CD project).

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