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Creative Mentorship for Neurodiverse Art Lovers

Music | Theatre | Visual Arts

Honeybee Creative is a daily program of creative arts therapy workshops for those with varying abilities.

Engaging through music, dance, theatre, performance, storytelling, video and sound production and improvisation.

Our program is available to self managed and plan managed NDIS packages. There are lines applicable including Core Support.

Honeybee Creative Online.

As well as our Wednesday & Thursday Live Sessions; We are now offering group and one-on-one sessions via Zoom video conferencing 5 days a week.

Honeybee Creative Testimonials

“What started out as a fill in during uncertain times has basically become her mantra and I’m very grateful to those who have put it into place”.

Sue Allen (Sarah’s mum)

“Music has always been a part of Melanie’s life. Since joining Honeybee Creative 3 years ago her talents have been developed much further, and hidden talents have been brought forward”.

Shayne Towers (Melanie’s mum)

Honeybee Blog

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Bee Creative Dayz

An outstanding Success

Much love and gratitude to everyone who took part in Bee Creative Dayz over 1 and 2 December 2021.

So much heart, so much determination and so much fun!

My Friends Are Lovely

The Honeybee Crew and friends doing the social distancing dance set to “My Friends Are Lovely” taken from HBC’s 2020 album ‘Harmony’, Bee Creative Dayz, Wednesday 1 December 2021

[ photos thanks to Annette Ougette Clifford ]

Honeybee Creative’s 2020 Album “Harmony” is now available for streaming, download and CD by mail at our Bandcamp Store…

Press the play button below to have a listen

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