Michael Cullen

We’re extremely proud to release Michael’s first single “Spiders”. Available now on Bandcamp…


Spiders crawling through my mind
Making clear thoughts hard to find
Taking over logical thought
That distracts me all the time
Spinning a web that catches flies
To help me make my alibis
Giving birth to it’s hungry young
Making lies fall off my tongue
I know the difference between right and wrong
But the spider webs are very strong


released July 26, 2022
Lyrics – Michael Cullen
Music / Arrangement / Engineering / Production – Stephan Beattie
Keys – James Warner
A Honeybee Creative Production

One response to “Michael Cullen”

  1. From Paul Munday…

    Hey man, I love it!
    Your singing is great, and you have a good, deep timbre to your voice.
    There’s a real Nick Cave/Jim Morrison feel there 🙂
    I listened to the other song on the website that you feature in too.
    Don’t stop rockin’!!

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