Carolyn Mort

Carolyn is an Australian lyricist and performer. She performed from an early age with her Mother at Country shows. In recent times she struggled with mental health issues. Carolyn’s recent lyrics reflect her journey to recovery and the characters met along the way.

Carolyn Mort has released her 2nd album of original songs in 2023. She’s called it “Do It All Again” and it’s available now on Bandcamp for download and streaming and you can buy it for $7. A physical release is forthcoming.

released October 12, 2023

Carolyn Mort : Lyrics, Vocals tk 4
Mort King : Vocals tk 3 BVs tk1
James Warner : Vocals tk 7 / Keys tk 1
Rachel Clancy : Vocals tk 2,5
Michael Cullen : BVs tk 1,4
Ashlee Campbell : BVs tk 4
Stephan Beattie : Vocals tk 1,6 / BVs tk 4 / Guitars / Banjo / Bass / Drums / Percussion / Recorder / Synth & Drum Programming / Samplers / Production / Engineering tk 1-7

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stephan Beattie at Honeybee Creative Studio © 2023

Artwork & Design : Victoria Brown and Stephan Beattie.

Carolyn has released a CD of her album. It’s available on Bandcamp for $10 + postage along with streaming and downloads of the whole record.

CD Artwork by Victoria Brown

A Honeybee Creative Production

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