Honeybee Creative’s 2023 Album “The Year Of The Unicorn” Is Out Now

This record was created out of Honeybee Creative’s music and song writing workshops and comprises work from 2021 / 22 / 23. Facilitated by James Warner and Stephan Beattie in collaboration with the Honeybee Music Creation Crew.

released November 21, 2023

The Honeybee Creative Music Crew

Rachael Sait – Lyrics, Vocals, Arrangements
Andrew Browne – Vocals, Arrangements
Sarah Allen – Vocals, Arrangements, Glockenspiel
Michael Cullen – Vocals, Arrangements
Graham Buttenshaw – Vocals, Arrangements
Amanda Walpole – Vocals, Arrangements
Ashlee Campbell – Vocals, Bass tk6

With The Honeybee Creative Theatre Crew

Glenn Charles – Backing Vocals
Melanie Towers – Backing Vocals
Selina Casale – Backing Vocals
Brian Bickmore – Backing Vocals
Geoff Lamb – Backing Vocals
Glen Brady – Backing Vocals

Honeybee Creative Music Facilitators

Rachel Clancy – Vocals tk 7
James Warner – Vocals tk 9
Stephan Beattie – Vocals tk 2,4
Engineering, Production, Guitars, Banjo, Samplers, Programming, Composition
Special thanks to KerryDee Mcdonald

All songs by Stephan Beattie & the HBC Music Crew
Lyrics : Rachael Sait in collaboration with HBC Music Crew
Arrangements in collaboration.

Victoria Brown – Artwork & Design

Produced at Honeybee Creative Studio
Honeybee Wellness Resort, Kandanga QLD © 2023

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