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  • AR ~ When Stars Align

    AR ~ When Stars Align

    AR (Alexander Reidy) has released his fisrt album “When Stars Align” for streaming and download on Bandcamp. We’ve whittled around 120 songs down into what we considered the best 12. Despite his struggles with ADHD and mental health, Alex has been working hard honing his writing and vocal skills over the past two years (and…

  • The Unicorn Song

    The Unicorn Song

    The Unicorn Song A Honeybee Creative Production © 2023 ~ Developed through song writing workshops from April 2023 onward with music by HBC facilitator Stephan Beattie in collaboration with the Honeybee Creative Music Crew. Rachael Sait : Lyrics, Vocals | Michael Cullen : Vocals | Alex Reidy : Raps | Andrew Browne : Vocals |…

  • Honeybee Creative
    2023 Program

    Honeybee Creative2023 Program

    We’re very excited for our 2023 season. Honeybee Creative will be building on our successes over the past few years and continuing to champion the Arts in the disability community. Creative Mentorship for Neurodiverse Art Lovers Music | Theatre | Visual Arts Engaging through music, dance, theatre, performance, storytelling, video and sound production and improvisation.…

  • MC Andy Layin Down Some Impro…

    MC Andy Layin Down Some Impro…
  • Bee Creative Dayz Videos

    Bee Creative Dayz Videos

    Check out all the Bee Creative Dayz wrap videos… Bee Creative Dayz ~ Body Movement Workshop with Lisa A body movement workshop with our yoga instructor and physio therapist facilitator Lisa Horton with live music at Bee Creative Dayz, Thursday 2 December 2021. Bee Creative Dayz ~ Theatre Workshop A theatre workshop with our resident…

  • Bee Creative Dayz an Outstanding Success

    Bee Creative Dayz an Outstanding Success

    Much love and gratitude to everyone who took part in Bee Creative Dayz over 1 and 2 December 2021. So much heart, so much determination and so much fun! photos thanks to Annette Ougette Clifford ]

  • Bee Creative Dayz

    Bee Creative Dayz

    Honeybee Creative is very happy to present… Bee Creative Dayz 2 days of fun and creativity. Featuring Craft, Drama and Music Workhops led by Honeybee Creative Crew Members, culminating in a live concert both days. 10am – 1:30pm Wednenesday 1 – Nelson Reserve, Gympie 10am – 1:30pm Thursday 2 December – Gympie Senior Citizens Centre…

  • Honeybee Creative Music Creation Sessions

    Honeybee Creative Music Creation Sessions

    We host online live original music creation sessions every Monday and Wednesday morning. Feel the need to sing your heart out or play along to some groovy tunes you’ve helped to make up? Send us a message, everyone is welcome.

  • The Buzz Songwriting Workshop

    Today we worked on a song we’ve been writing together called “Fun In The Sun”. Here we see the chorus being recorded in our wonderful studio at Avenues.