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  • How does our garden grow?

    How does our garden grow?

    With honeybees and dirty knees and friendly garden gnomes Photography By nathan Roy Soil To Supper’s Tuesday gardening session with Cath Manuel and the awesome Honeybee greenthumbs.

  • Scared About Crows!?

    Scared About Crows!?

    It’s Scarecrow season in the Mary Valley and they seem to be appearing all around the farm. Made to frighten the crows and with much love by the Honeybee Creative Tuesday Art Stars

  • Tuesday Art Day ~ Garden Signs

    Tuesday Art Day ~ Garden Signs

    We’re making up signs at the moment for our beautiful vegetablr gardens as well as making Christmas Decorations!? for our upcoming Christmas in July Soiree on Sunday 30 July

  • Our Awesome Fig Tree

    Our Awesome Fig Tree

    When we arrive at Honeybee Farm the first thing we see is our awesome fig tree. She makes a warm start and gives the best welcome to every day 

  • Bully’s Lookout

    Bully’s Lookout

    Of all the quiet lovely places at Honeybee Farm, Bully’s Lookout is is the quietest and lovliest. You can just look out over the Mary Valley and let your mind wander. Photo by Nathan Roy

  • New Artwork From Julie Soames

    New Artwork From Julie Soames

    Julie has been turning out some beutiful work recently including some pen and ink illustrations on paper. They go far outside her usual digital work process and we think they’re some of her best work.

  • Tuesday = Art Day

    Tuesday = Art Day

    Every day is Art Day at Honeybee Creative but Tuesday is Specifically Visual Art Day. Based in our workshop space “The Hive” at Honeybee Farm, we do all sorts of arty stuff. Check out Loretta making this amazing garden light sculpture…

  • Tuesday Art Stars

    Tuesday Art Stars

    These guys are absolutely rocking our Tuesday Visual Art sessions. Adam is back on the easil designing the cover for a spell book and Julie is turning out 2 character drawings a day. Legends.

  • ‘Automatons’ by Julie Soames

    ‘Automatons’ by Julie Soames

    ‘Automatons’ Original artwork by Julie Soames – Pen and ink on paper – 17/01/23