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  • Honeybee Theatrical Thursday

    Honeybee Theatrical Thursday

    Here’s the Honeybee Theatrical Thursday crew ripping up the dance floor. Legends. Photos by Nathan Roy

  • The Unicorn Song

    The Unicorn Song

    The Unicorn Song A Honeybee Creative Production © 2023 ~ Developed through song writing workshops from April 2023 onward with music by HBC facilitator Stephan Beattie in collaboration with the Honeybee Creative Music Crew. Rachael Sait : Lyrics, Vocals | Michael Cullen : Vocals | Alex Reidy : Raps | Andrew Browne : Vocals |…

  • Thursday Choreography Session

    Thursday Choreography Session

    We’re putting together some routines for our upcoming film clips for “The Unicorn Song” and “Chasing Waterfalls”. Amazing work from everyone as per usual. What a crew! Photography by : Nathan Roy

  • Preproduction for The Unicorn Song Video Has Begun!

    Preproduction for The Unicorn Song Video Has Begun!

    Listen To It Here…

  • Building A Machine

    Building A Machine

    Here’s a scene from Honeybee Creative’s Thursday theatre session. We are having fun “buiding a machine” as a part of the choreography for “Charlie Rose the Baker”.

  • We’re in the pavillion in good weather

    We’re in the pavillion in good weather

    Now the weather has cooled down we’re able to work out of the pavillion at Honeybee Farm for our Thursday theatre workshop sessions…everyone’s stoked to be outside.

  • We are heading back to the farm in 2023

    We are heading back to the farm in 2023

    We are tremendously excited to announce that Honeybee Creative is heading back to Honeybee Farm in 2023. Honeybee Farmstay is our original home. Situated in the beautiful Mary Valley just outside Kandanga, it was the exclusive base of our operations from 2015 – 2020. We unfortunately had to move due to circumstances beyond our control.…

  • Honeybee Creative
    2023 Program

    Honeybee Creative2023 Program

    We’re very excited for our 2023 season. Honeybee Creative will be building on our successes over the past few years and continuing to champion the Arts in the disability community. Creative Mentorship for Neurodiverse Art Lovers Music | Theatre | Visual Arts Engaging through music, dance, theatre, performance, storytelling, video and sound production and improvisation.…

  • We Love It!!

    We Love It!!

    The Honeybee crew is pleased, proud, happy and humbled by the APRA Art Music Award we won this year. We love it!

  • Honeybee Creative Theatrical Thursday

    Honeybee Creative Theatrical Thursday

    Every Week At Long Flat Hall ~ All Abilities ~ All Welcome