A Honeybee Testimonial…

Music has always been a part of Melanie’s life. Since joining Honeybee Creative 3 years ago her talents have been developed much further, and hidden talents have been brought forward.

Her weekly one on one sessions with Stephan have seen her drumming technique blossom, and given her confidence to perform publicly and professionally. To be part of the CD that she can share with family members (who are musical) here and overseas enhances her world again.

Her movements and speech has become noticeably better, and the repetition through workshops has certainly helped her cognitive strengths.

Friendships that have been established and learning how to be a friend have enabled Melanie to develop her mentally more as a person in her world.

She is certainly looking forward to this years program. I highly recommend Honeybee Creative.

Shayne Towers (Melanie’s mum)

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